Soumya Kanti Deb

Kolkata/Pune, India
Mobile : +91 738 770 5588
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Professional Experience

Red Hat Software Services Pvt. Ltd. - Pune

[ Lead Frontend and UX Developer ]

August, 2012 - Present — Leading the frontend development of an internal R&D devtool-project.

NexVend Sdn. Bhd. - Kuala Lumpur

[ Co-founder, Director and CTO ]

May, 2012 - Present — Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Technical Officer, Leader of IT-Operations, Principal developer, architect & super-reviewer of product designs.

MQuotient Solutions Ltd. - Pune

[ Lead Frontend Developer ]

November, 2011 - May, 2012 — Lead frontend developer of the smart enterprise solutions: Boxcite (the Lead Management System) & Glyfix's (the OCR with AI).

Olyvious Net Trading Pvt. Ltd. - Siliguri

[ Lead Web Developer ]

May, 2011 - July, 2011 — Principal Webmaster of 5+ high-traffic subsidiary e-commerce sites. Also served as the system-administrator & technical-recruiter for the company.

Nexshore Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Mysore

[ Software Engineer ]

November, 2010 - February, 2011 — Developed the software interface for Transcend's Media Streaming Device, codenamed – RippleBox (now, StoreJet), with focus on codec optimization, network-stream/queue management and media-player's UI design.

9 Dot 9 Media Pvt. Ltd. - Noida

[ Junior Writer ]

March, 2010 - November, 2010 — Produced some of the highest rated featured-articles about Internet & web-technology, multimedia, tech-politics, smarter-mobility etc. Worked as a full-time employee until April 2010 then switched as a consulting freelancer.

Academic Details

Post-Graduation [2010]

Master of Computer Applications

Completed my Masters (MCA) in the year 2010 from Siliguri Institute of Technology (SIT) under West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) with Degree-GPA of 8.4/10.

Multimedia Diploma [2009]

Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation

Certified by the University of Cambridge (UK) & the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) in 2009, on completion of the 2-years graduate diploma in Multimedia, Animation and Film-VFX (AD3D+).

Graduation [2007]

Pure Science with Honors in Physics

Physics Honors graduate from Balurghat College, under the University of North Bengal (NBU) in 2007.

Skills and Competence

Interface Design and Layout

Proficient in designing application-interfaces with HTML/CSS, XUL/XBL, Nokia Qt, Adobe Flash/Flex and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Also skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GIMP, InkScape etc. for print/screen publish media.

Web Technology and Frameworks

Efficient using HTML5-APIs, AJAX/JSONP, CSS-Preprocessors, countless JS libs/frameworks et. al. Fanatic about writing standard-compliant, performance-optimized, bandwidth-friendly markups. Capable of making/managing high-traffic websites on Drupal, Joomla!, Ruby on Rails, Django and MediaWiki. Can throw libraries/dependencies off the window & hand-code everything from scratch, if required.

System Support and Troubleshooting

System Administration on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X & Windows, Hardware Assembling, Software/Hardware Troubleshooting, Network setup & configuration at small/large scale, Network Security & Firewalls. Have experience setting-up & administrating private Git, MediaWiki, Bugzilla etc. servers.

Software Development and Engineering

JavaScript ninja — skilled programmer of C/C++ and PHP. Have experience working on Python, Ruby and .NET. Can handle any modern programming language with moderate efficiency. Preferred revision control systems are Git & Mercurial. Can work on both Object-Relational (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc.) and Document-Oriented (CouchDB, MongoDB etc.) database systems.

Traditional/Digital Art-forms and Multimedia

Can Sketch, Paint, Sculpt in traditional, as well as in digital media. Long time drama/theatrical Stage-Performer and Semi-pro Photographer. In Production Media, can work on Conceptualizing, Visualizing, Planning, Filming, Compositing, Rendering, Editing and Encoding. Efficient in Codecs & Compressions; good understanding of MoCap & 3D Filming. Have experience co-producing indie-VFX feature film.

Extracurricular Engagements

Spreading the Mozilla Manifesto

(to make the web a better place)

Mozilla Reps' Council Member, Contributor to Mozilla Central, Firefox AddOn Developer, Webmaker Super Mentor, Mozilla Community IT SysAdmin, Leader of Mozilla India and contributor of various projects & planning, such as Grow Mozilla, News Mozilla, Privacy Icon project etc.

Other Open Source Projects

(Non-Profit/FLOSS Contributions)

Senior Wikipedia Editor and the Acting Leader of WikiProject Software. Contributor of Wikipedia-Mobile app for Android/iOS. Fedora Project member & supporter of VideoLAN, KDE, Kernel, Diaspora projects etc.

Public Speaking/Writing

(Talks, Publications & Evangelism)

Occationally I give talks, take workshops on open web technologies, Firefox addon developments etc. Most of my talk slides are made with HTML5/CSS3/JS, and are available online. Apart from personal blogging, my professional writeups for ThinkDigit are also archived.

Founding "Samsaptak"

(Previously, "The Team of Tomorrow")

A multimedia-liberation foundation in the making; dedicated to revolutionize the open-media movement. Produced "Khurrandrome", our first SciFi VFX open-movie in 2010 (awarded at North Bengal film festival).

Interests and Hobbies


I like to study a varied spectrum of subjects, ranging from Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Medical-Biology, Brain and Cognition to Constructed Languages, Religions, Mythology, Comics, and rarely, Novels et. al.


I mostly do macro-shots with controlled depth of field, color-tuned longshot landscapes, panorama, spontaneous and still life. Have interests in experimental photography; High-Speed/Long-Exposure/Time-Lapse, Infrared/Ultraviolet, HDR are my favorites. [Flickr]

Computer Gaming

Action/adventure/platforming, stealth/shooter & arcade-racing are my favorite genres of video games. I'm a fan of Prince of Persia, Need for Speed, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty series and all the games developed by Crytek GmbH.

Miscellaneous Whimsy

I have built, managed and directed an amateur theater group that successfully performes till date; also a cricket team & a music band, which are now dissolved. I was renowned for my soft-skills & extracurricular-activities, and am known as the tech-guru among the circles. I am a Critical Thinker, and I critique my every moves & reform accordingly.