Soumya Deb

Mobile: +91 738 770 5588

Architect at

Senior Tech Lead [Nov 2021 - Present]: in charge of handling the most critical org-wide challenges across the entire engineering team, set quarterly platform goals & delegate executions, hire and/or mentor Tech Leads for the sub-teams.

Tech Lead [Jan-Oct 2021]: formed, hired & managed the entire infrastructure team to meet the five-nines. Spread globally across 6 time zones & 24x7 coverage, with SREs from Jakarta to Rio. Identified, mentored & delegated team leadership.

Site Reliability Engineer [Oct-Dec 2020]: handled 100x upscale, transition to modern infra, 2021 infrastructure roadmap.

DevOps Engineer [Apr-Sep 2020]: Terraform AWS deployment, realtime streaming ASR pipeline, Kubernetes setup PoC.

Full Stack Engineer [Jan-Mar 2020]: +100% storage efficiency, conference integrations, serverless, planning & policies.

Prior Experiences

DoSelect — Bangalore, 06/2018 - 12/2018

Senior Software Engineer: Fullstack developer team lead. Performance, optimization, paying tech-debts & renovation.

Red Hat — Pune & Bangalore, 08/2012 - 05-2018

Software Engineer [2016-2018]: OpenShift developer cloud.

Technical Product Manager [2014-2016]: Internal analytics & monitoring tools. Unified SDS manager for Gluster & Ceph.

Software Engineer [2012-2014]: Frontend lead of Red Hat devtools' cross-referencing tool, called source browser.

Other Endeavours

Regional Community Leader at Mozilla 2011-16

Developer Contributor turned 1000x Community Builder turned DevRel, Tech Speaker, and everything inbetween.

Co-founder, Director & CTO at NexVend 2012-16

A tech consulting startup, offering website design/redesign, development, deployment & management services.

Co-founder, Director & CEO at Applait 2014-18

A thought-experiment incubator, focused on approaching technological singularity with hybrid superintelligence.

Also previously, Software Engineer at MQuotient (2011-2012), Principle Webmaster at Olyvious Net Trading (2011), Software Engineer at Nexshore (2010-2011), and Junior Writer at ThinkDigit of 9.9 Media (2010).

Technical Skills

Strategic planner: periodic high level goals & course corrections, with pragmatic & attainable action items.

Platform generalist: scalable architecture, cost & performance optimization, API design, infrastructure.

Polyglot programmer: proficient in JavaScript. Well versed in Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, Rust etc.

Soft Skills

Public speaker & developer evangelist with 1000+hrs of speaking experience around the globe.

Versatility with performing & fine arts; from sketch, paint, sculpt, to stage adaptation & performance.

Built & led teams like theatre group, music band, competitive video games, FOSS community etc.

Academic Details

Post graduation in Computers from WBUT in 2010

Animation & VFX diploma from Cambridge in 2009

Graduation in Physics [Hons] from NBU in 2007

Extracurricular Interests

Writing about futurism, metaphysics etc.

Salvaging & upcycling electronics/hardware

Competitive & multiplayer online video gaming