Fireflies.ai [Jan 2020 to Jan 2024]

Senior Tech Lead [Nov 2021 to Jan 2024]

  • optimize & reduce total cloud infrastructure cost by 80% in 3 quarters
  • uplift critical path success rate from ~90% (before) to 99.9997% (after)
  • GDPR, SOC-2 type 2, HIPAA compliances; private cloud & storage offering
  • conceptualize & architect the new AI/LLM features (providing 10x growth)
  • research on GPU & TPU clouds, unblocking AI team to deliver LLM features
  • host tech deep dives for engineering teams to cross pollinate ideas & efforts

Tech Lead [Jan 2021 to Oct 2021]

  • complete transition to cloud-native infrastructure, with GitOps CICD pipelines
  • initialize security team, start platform compliances, bug-bounty program etc.
  • setup access control, incident management policy, escalation & automation
  • mentor the leads & handoff the Infrastructure team as a self-sustainable team
  • ensure global geo-distribution of engineers in teams for maximum availability

Infrastructure Lead [Apr 2020 to Dec 2024]

  • design & prototype new infra to handle 100x volume upscale in 3 quarters
  • write an efficient streaming pipeline to reduce transcription cost by 50%
  • redesign bots as scale-out cloud-native jobs, massively increasing stability
  • hire & mentor infrastructure team; setup monitoring, on-call rotations etc.

Senior Software Engineer [Jan 2020 to Mar 2021]

  • optimize codecs to reduce all past and future media storage cost by 50%
  • implement Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans etc. conference platform support
  • predict incoming volume surge due to pandemic & initiate infra upgrade

DoSelect [Jun 2018 to Dec 2018]

Senior Software Engineer: full stack performance optimization & renovation

Red Hat [Aug 2012 to May 2018]

Software Engineer: SwCert DevTools, OpenShift.io developer platform

Technical Product Manager: Ceph, GlusterFS Unified SDS Manager


Applait [2014 to 2018] Co-founder, Director & CEO

A pursuit of Technological Singularity through Unified Communications, Self-authoring Software & Hybrid Super Intelligence.

Mozilla [2011 to 2016] Developer, Speaker, Leader

Contributed to Mozilla codebase, onboarded new developers, gave hundreds of tech talks & ran tech workshops, kicked off & completed new projects, made policy changes, built the regional community & lead the global one.

NexVend [2012 to 2016] Co-founder, Director & CTO

A web technology consultation firm, offering modernization, migration & management of online presence of larger southeast asian enterprises.